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The database of Unemployed Graduates is municipality’s initiative to register the information (i.e. number of graduates seeking employment, qualifications, skills and training needs etc.) within the Thaba Chweu Municipality’s jurisdiction.

The objective of this initiative is to implement a support programme for the registered Unemployed Youth in order to address the barriers to employment opportunities.

This initiative is not an employment programme, but registered Unemployed Graduates will be assisted with programmes that will accelerate and improve their chances of accessing employment opportunities across all economic sectors.

The programme will start in July 2016 and the following conditions will strictly apply;
1. The programme apply only to Graduates with Matric, College Certificates and Diplomas, University Diplomas and Degrees
2. The participants must be currently unemployed (ID will be checked against UIF to verify unemployment status)
3. The programme will be for free of charge, except for highly specialised programmes which will require upfront payment of nominal fee to ensure commitment of participants
4. The participants must all reside within the municipality’s jurisdiction (All database registration form to be verified for residence by ward committee or ward councillor)

To register for this programme:

Method 1 (Download and Email)

Download the relevant form below:

1. Unemployment Registration - Matric (Download PDF)
2. Unemployment Registration - College (Download PDF)
3. Unemployment Registration - Degree or Diploma (Download PDF)

Complete, sign and email to:

1. matric@tclm.co.za for completed Matric forms
2. college@tclm.co.za for completed College forms
3. degree-diploma@tclm.co.za for completed Degree or Diploma forms


Method 2 (Electronic Form)

To complete and submit this form electronically, click the next button below right


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